Nov 25, 2008

November 2008 Update

Filmmakers Mike McLean & Marina Recalde have recently relocated from Buenos Aires, Argentina to the New York/New Jersey area of the United States!

August 2008: The Saint Jean movie trailer hit the Internet on our myspace, youtube and blog. The trailer has since screened at the People's Movie Night at Wooden Shoe Books in Philadelphia.

September 2008:
The Saint Jean rough cut arrived in the United States! Our 45 min
ute rough cut first screened to a wonderful audience in New York City's Lower East Side. Our rough cut has since been shown to select groups of activists, professors and peers - the input has been outstanding and much appreciated.

Approaching 2009:
We are reaching our final cut of The Fight for Saint Jean. The film will run about 1 hour and will feature the music of composer
Nicholas Coleman and the voice-over narration of the producers, Mike McLean and Marina Recalde.

Aug 28, 2008

Watch our new trailer!

2008 Screening Tour:

We'll be taking our first rough cut on the road for a screening tour this October. Our intention is to show the film to student and community organizing groups to inspire dialog about education and ways to activate audiences to work for changes in education around the world.

For more info on the screening tour please check out our latest news, or send us mail at mindfulmediacollective[at]